These pages were produced by Roy Mat for his Wilford & Clifton Index in 1997

Clifton Hall Georgian Parlour

The 'Red Room' Georgian Parlour
On the West of the hall is a medium sized, red walled room.  The ceiling is decorated with a collage of brightly painted, muli-coloured greenery surrounding numerous molded Clifton Family crests.  Many of the crests clearly show the Red Hand Of Ulster, the symbol the Clifton's incorporated into thier heraldry after purchasing the tiitle of 'Baronet', from James I.
Although the room lacks the sheer size and power of the Octogan Hall, the Red Room decor isn't in the distance and can be viewed more intimately.   The work dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and only shows moderate signs of age.  Some of the subtle colours have faded and a few cracks have started to splinter around the circular, gold-painted collection of emblems at each corner of the ceiling.   In an ideal world it could use restoration attention.  The emblems are all unique and the oak leaf brush strokes have a gentle water-colour look to them.  The over-all effect of the essentially symmetrical room is quite striking.  The sharp contrast of soft colours reminds me of a smooth, classy wedding cake.  As with my photos of the Octagon Hall, light was a problem and  the pictures appear a little yellow and grubby looking.


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The Clifton Crests On The Ceiling Of The Georgian Parlour
Photographed October 1997
The Interior Of The Fire Place Is Tiled 
With 8 Rows Of These Prominently Red Tiles
The Face Of An Unknown Woman 
  Sculptured Into The Fire Place 

Many Thanks To Tony Ellingham For Showing Me Round The Hall And Making These Pictures Possible

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