Welcome to Clifton Village


Clifton Village, a small village on the south bank of the Trent, four miles south west of Nottingham, contains a number of rural cottages and more modern residences, as well as a working farm. In a leafy backwater you will encounter Clifton Hall, originally the beautiful seat of the Clifton family. Situated in ancient groves of oak, fir and elm, it commands extensive views over the Trent, Nottingham, and the surrounding countryside. Clifton Grove, a grassy avenue of trees a mile in length and, in more grandiose days, the main access to the hall from Nottingham, still affords an energetic cliff top walk with views over the Trent, as it meanders its way through the landscape. No wonder the poet Henry Kirk White found the area an inspiration for one of his earliest poems. The Hall, the seat of the Clifton family for many centuries, stands upon a rock of gypsum heavily veined by a beautiful spa. The adjacent church, dedicated to St Mary, though ancient, is well preserved. Restored in 1846 and beautified at the sole expense of the patron, Sir J.G.J. Clifton Bart, it is built in the form of a cross, with a lofty tower, containing four bells. It is also the repository of the family vault of the Cliftons. One of the few villages in the nation set within a city boundary, the village offers a few acres of heritage and tranquillity in the midst of the urban expansion of Nottingham. Clifton Village still maintains traditional May Day celebrations at the site of the original Maypole, as well as many regular social gatherings that enhance and maintain a strong community spirit.


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