st Marys Church

The Old Rectory

The old rectory in fact must have been at one time the new rectory as it has 18th and early 19th century features. It is more than likely that rectors who were members of the family lived In the Hall and others must have lived in a much older building, now gone, much nearer the church. Its size indicates the stature and financial circumstances of its incumbent. In 1909 there were twenty one rooms, those in the attics of course for servants. There were two staircases with halls and offices. In the outbuildings there were four larders and three stables for six horses, a fodderhouse, saddle room and coachhouse. There was also a cottage over the stables with three rooms and a larder. With a house of such size the rector must have always been a man of some substance, gaining income from other parishes within his domain, or been a close relative of the Lord of the Manor. Interestingly, when Rosslyn Bruce came to Clifton, he lived in Glebe House, as a family named Kerle-Smith were renting the Rectory. Later when he was 37 and contemplating marriage, he and his bride to be discussed the running of the house and they envisaged that they would need at least

1 gardener
1 housekeeper
1 garden boy
1 cook
1 groom 1 housemaid
1 tweeny
at a total wage bill of £171 per annum.

Wedding presents lavished upon the couple helped to furnish the house. Accounts of his life and times are to be found in the back-up material. The Rectory
A later rector, Reverend Bird was a keen horticulturist and one can today see how finely the garden is set out. He started the Clifton Flower Show, held annually on the third Thursday in July. The last incumbent, the Rev. Craig, was the last rector to be resident, and he recalled that in his early days he had permanent "loan" of a liveried servant from the Hall. After it had stood empty for some time Colonel Clifton himself moved into the Rectory for a short time before leaving the area.

William de Rodes (Patron - Ralph de Rodes) 1241
Simon de Brus, M.A. 1263
John de Clyfton (son of Patron) 1302
John de Chilwell 1337
Richard de Leycester 1369
Robert Riche 1373
John de Clyfton -
Ralph Bromley 1392
William Newton 1394
John Normanton -
Robert Wyloughby 1400
Robert Dawe by 1413
William Hide 1428
John Warbyn 1432

Henry Dysell 1438
Richard Bate -
Henry Pynson 1443
John Baddesworth, Chaplain to Archbishop
of York 1456
John Grene, Bishop of Kitfenora, Ireland 1462
John Averell, Chaplain to Archbishop of York,
Prebendary of Southwetl 1467
Robert Hill 1472
Robert Yole 1479
Silvanus Clifton 1506
Edmund Thurland 1531
John Normanville -
John Alwood 1571
Henry Bacon 1587
Henry Wylde, B.D. 1623
Robert Thirlby, M.A. 1633
Intruded Ministers
Henry Upton by 1645
Thomas Goodge by 1650
Jonathan Boole 1652
Robert Thirlby, M.A. 1660
Clifford Thirlby, M.A. 1675
Thomas Ouseley, M.A. (Rector of Stanton-on- 1689
the-Wolds, 1670-1721)
William Standfast. M.A.,D.D., LL.D (Vicar of 1721
North Wheatley, 1720-54)
Abel Collin Launder, M.A. (Rector of Elton 1754
1750-1803, Rector of Tollerton 1753-5)
William Clifton. M.A. 1803
Henry Spencer Markham, M.A. Prebendary of York 1830
Edwin Proctor Dennis, B.C.L. 1844
William Holdsworth D.D. 1853
William Howard 1866
John Clough, M.A. 1873
Henry William Wynne Ffoulkes, M.A. 1891
Francis Rosslyn Courtenay Bruce, M.A., D.D. 1904
Edward Marychurch Vaughan, M.A, 1912
Hon. Walter James Bosville Chetwynd 1915
Thomas Bird, M.A. 1920
Joseph de Acquino Craiy 1937
Priests in Charge
Ven. John Henry Lawrence Phillips, M.A. 1958-60
Joseph Paul Henry Halet, M.A. 1962-63
Malcolm Charles Crompton Melville, B.Sc. 1963-65 Rectors
Wilfred Badger Wilkinson, B.D., A.K.C. 1965-