Clifton Village Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is one of the biggest and most successful crime reduction initiatives ever. Behind it lie a simple idea, and a simple value shared by millions of people around the country. "Getting together with your neighbours to take action can reduce local crime".
Here in Clifton Village we are no exception, we have a long established neighbourhood watch team recognised by the local police; and we are founder members of the City of Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch Council (CNNWC).

We have a very good relationship with the Local Police via our Neighbourhood Policing Team, and represented on the Local Community Safety Panel (CSP) which gives us a real voice went it comes to raising issues affecting the local community, rank them in order of priority and decide with the public, council, police and others what action needs to be taken.

Such is our community spirit, not only is our area supported by NHW publicity we have a high number of properties whose contents are marked with SmartWater; we also look out for each other in the true spirit of neighbourhood watch.

On behalf of the NHW team

John Spencer